CEP Group is a rapidly developing group of companies, that operates in the area of energy construction, electrification of railway lines and industrial construction. CEP Group aims to double its financial and industrial potential by 2023. By doing so we are going to be able to implement bigger and more ambitious projects around the countries of European Union.

The construction projects have to go through highly competitive tenders’ procedures and financed by EBRD and EIB, which requires for CEP Group to comply with severe technical and quality references. Our group comprises over 350 technical workers, and 50 highly experienced administrative and engineering staff and consists of the following companies:

The parent company CEP Group is responsible for the transparent management and coordination of the company groups’ activities and enhancement of its efficiency. CEP Group analyses activities of the companies within holding , exercises the rights and duties of shareholders, establishes operational principles and rules, and coordinates activities in the areas of finance, law, strategy and development, risk management, technology, and others.

Our group provides turn-key services and subcontracting works. Our major specialties are:

  • Projecting and construction Overhead Lines up to 750kV
  • Sub-stations of all types and voltage levels
  • Telecommunication networks
  • Industrial and civil construction
  • Railway contact network construction

Our group has an extensive experience in construction works, production capacities and labour force which enables us to fulfil the projects professionally and in time.

Run by a highly skilled international team CEP Group is happy to take on projects of any scale and complexity in the area of energy and industrial construction.