Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

CEP Group strives, together with its employees, suppliers and customers, to improve the environmental performance of our services. We actively seek ways to reduce the negative impact of the energy systems on the environment throughout the life cycle. The environmental impact of our operations is reduced, in particular, through the correct use and selection of materials, the right processes, minimizing waste and increase in sustainability.

In the light of Global Warming and environmental crisis, CEP Group companies support resolutions of The Paris Agreement and comply with international environmental protection standards ISO14001:2015 concerning:

  • Construction of utility projects for electricity and telecommunications projects
  • Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
  • Development of building projects


Using brand new technologies CEP Group makes an effort to reduce carbon footprint from its industrial and civil constructions.

We use appropriate ways to utilise toxic by-products or equipment that is outdated.

We pay close attention to noise pollution, as often our projects take place in residential areas. Constructing or modernising Overhead Power Transmission Lines we use technologies that are quieter and much less disruptive to residents and wildlife around them.

The company guarantees that each employee is well informed and trained in environmental requirements. Employees must comply with all legal regulations of environmental permits and other applicable rules. Employees should strive to reduce or eliminate waste and other environmental impacts, for example, through appropriate processing of materials and waste. Employees must resolve environmental violations and complaints and systematically report them to employees of external stakeholders, including CEP Group, if necessary. Suppliers and customers must provide the CEP groups with the most up-to-date documentation and information on environmental requirements.