Installation of overhead power lines 400Kv

Installation of overhead power lines 400Kv

Project Description

At the moment Structum Construction PL is engaged in works on installation of phase conductors and OPGW in overhead power lines 400 kV in project Gdańsk Przyjaźń – Żydowo Kierzkowo.

Difficult terrain and intersections with engineering and transport networks are some of the complex features of the project. Company has to perform installation of power lines in short terms dealing with specifics of working in forest areas, heightened pylons and use of drones.

Length of the overhead power lines is over 120 km, 70 of which take place in residential settlements like Miastko, Tuchomie, Bytow, Studezineice and Parchowo. As the line intersects with residential and business areas the project has to be executed with maximum safety for the residents and minimum damage for harvests and the environment

80 highly qualified professionals and suitable specialised equipment and machinery is used for implementation of this project.