2017 – 2023

CEP Group strives consistently and responsibly use the financial potential to realise ambitious but realistic goal – to double the financial and producing potential of the Group by 2023. We will look for economically sound investments with a return of assets equal to or greater than those of companies in European energy sector

The main strategic directions allow us to effectively increase the cost of CEP Group, as they cover all key areas of management: customer satisfaction, diversification of operations, performance and organizational culture.

2017 – 2023


Ensuring that we provide highly professional construction services to our customers – delivery of high quality works in the agreed timeframe, which will give the group of companies a high rating (good name, reputation, satisfaction) among customers.


Diversification of business activities – the implementation of projects that increase the competitiveness of the CEP Group. These goals will be achieved through the use of available resources and infrastructure, investments in the development of new infrastructure and efficient management through acquisitions.


Improving the efficiency of work ­– increasing the effectiveness of CEP Group is an integrated process of implementing construction services in the value chain of services. Efficiency is being improved through core activities and performance of supporting functions such as asset management and other resources in all companies of the group.

Human Resources:

Formation of a new organizational culture – refers to the development of the CEP Group as a single organization with the aim to create a modern, efficient and dynamic organization. Our desire is to build an organization in which the activity is based on common values ​​and sufficient competence, where the activity of key personnel is built on subordination to common goals, and the internal environment stimulates personal growth and harmonious interaction of employees.